Weekly Thoughts!

 A lot of home organizers want people to get rid of things. I believe that we should be able to organizer around what you have (and want to keep), rather than have to get rid of items, though of course that is always an option too!


About Louise

I am a 48 year old married mother of 3 boys.  We moved from the United Kingdom to Boulder, Colorado, 13 years ago in 2002 when our eldest son was 9 months old.  We planned to be here for 2 years. 18 months later our twin boys arrived. Life was fun, crazy and busy and we never left Colorado.  We love the weather, the open space and the opportunity to bring our boys up in a healthy environment.  I love to camp, take road trips, bike, play tennis and be part of this amazing community.

Who I am!


To help others lead a less stressful life by offering organization solutions for their home and family.


To help families lead a more organized life with practical, low cost and easy to implement organization solutions.